US Tech Seeks Clear Framework for Cryptocurrencies

US Tech Seeks a Clear Framework for Cryptocurrencies

The push for comprehensive cryptocurrency regulation in the United States has gained significant momentum recently, with a tech industry alliance urging President Joe Biden to throw his weight behind this initiative.

This move is not only aimed at addressing the growing need for regulatory clarity in the digital asset space but also at appealing to the increasingly influential population of young voters in the lead-up to the next presidential election.

The alliance, known as the Chamber of Progress, made its appeal to the Biden administration in a letter sent earlier this week, emphasising the significant and growing role of cryptocurrencies in the lives of millions of Americans.

With over 18 million Americans currently involved in cryptocurrency holdings or trading, the Chamber underscored the particular popularity of digital assets among Generation Z and millennial voters.

Citing that over 50% of individuals in these demographic groups are in favour of federal policies that promote the use of digital assets, the alliance highlighted the potential impact of embracing comprehensive cryptocurrency regulation as a key electoral strategy.


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The Chamber of Progress is positioning the call for comprehensive cryptocurrency regulation as a means for the Biden administration to simultaneously connect with young voters and champion bipartisan reforms that safeguard consumers and foster innovation within the U.S.

This aligns with the broader narrative around the increasing political relevance of digital assets as a growing number of Americans engage in cryptocurrency trading.

The need for clear and comprehensive regulation in this industry is becoming more pressing, and the Chamber’s initiative could significantly influence the Biden administration’s position on cryptocurrency regulation, ultimately enhancing its appeal to younger voters.

The organisation asserts that supporting a crypto-positive digital asset agenda presents the Biden administration with an opportunity to lead on an issue that strongly resonates with young voters.

With 18 million Americans currently participating in cryptocurrency-related activities, bipartisan digital asset regulations have taken centre stage in the political discourse.

Notably, this issue holds particular importance for Gen Z and Millennial voters, with over 50% of these demographic segments expressing support for federal policies that encourage the use of digital assets in the U.S.


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The Chamber of Progress’ call for comprehensive cryptocurrency regulation signifies a potentially pivotal development in the ongoing evolution of digital asset policy in the United States.

It reflects the increasing influence of cryptocurrency-related considerations in the political landscape, as well as the recognition of the need for proactive and balanced regulatory frameworks to govern the rapidly expanding digital asset sector.

As the Biden administration weighs its approach to this issue, its response holds implications not only for the regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies but also for its broader engagement with younger voters and the evolving dynamics of the tech industry.

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