The Celo Web3 Batch

The Celo Web3 Batch: Web3 incubator programme

The future of finance, the metaverse, and the decentralised web are all rapidly taking shape, and Web3 is at the heart of it all.

Are you a passionate entrepreneur with a groundbreaking Web3 idea? Do you dream of building the next big thing in blockchain, DeFi, or the metaverse? The Celo Web3 Batch is your launchpad to success.

Intensive Programme, Zero Cost

Forget costly programme fees. The Celo Web3 Batch offers an intensive eight-week programme packed with workshops, one-on-one mentorship, and invaluable industry insights all at absolutely no cost.

This commitment to accessibility ensures that the most promising ideas, regardless of financial backing, have the chance to flourish.


Hashgraph Partners for Web3 Education in Africa

Tailored Support & Funding Boost

The programme boasts a selective approach, accepting only 20 companies per year. This ensures you receive dedicated mentorship tailored to your specific needs.

Expert guidance, coupled with the opportunity to secure grants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, empowers you to take your Web3 venture from concept to reality.

Global Reach, Local Focus

The Celo Web3 Batch operates with a global mindset. Whether you’re building your startup in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, or anywhere else, you’re encouraged to apply.

The programme welcomes innovative startups across various Web3 sectors, including blockchain, fintech, DeFi, SocialFi, and GameFi.

The stage of your development doesn’t matter; early-stage founders with a disruptive idea or established startups with a growing user base are all welcome.

Thriving Within a Vibrant Ecosystem

The Celo Web3 Batch isn’t just a programme; it’s a community. You’ll join a dynamic cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, forging strong connections that become your support system and sounding board.

Beyond your peers, you’ll gain access to a thriving Web3 community buzzing with innovation. And for those technical hurdles, the talented Open Future Technology team will be by your side, offering expert assistance.

Investment & Resources Beyond Grants

Financial support goes beyond the initial grant. Selected startups have the potential to secure further investment opportunities through the programme’s network. But that’s not all!

All participants receive a remarkable $100,000 worth of corporate service credits from industry leaders like Google Cloud and AWS. This translates into valuable resources that can significantly accelerate your development.

Learn from the Legends

The Celo Web3 Batch doesn’t turn away from heavyweight mentors. Imagine gaining insights from the Celo Co-founder himself, alongside renowned investors from Pantera, Hashkey, Tess Ventures, and Platinum Fund.


The Power of Memes in Web3 Marketing

These industry titans will provide invaluable guidance and strategic direction, shaping your venture for success.

Building for the Long Term

The Celo Web3 Batch understands that a successful startup requires more than just a brilliant idea. The programme equips you with the knowledge and skills to build a lasting company.

Through dedicated coaching sessions, you’ll explore into crucial aspects like go-to-market strategies, mastering the art of fundraising, and setting clear and achievable goals.

This is your chance to join the Web3 journey! Apply to the Celo Web3 Batch and unlock your full potential. Together, let’s build the future of the decentralised web, one significant project at a time.

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