Second Series Donald Trump NFTs Hit the Market, First Gen Collection Price Suffers

Former POTUS Donald Trump took to Instagram after more than two years to advertise the second round of Trump NFT Trading Cards.

Like the previous collection, Trump’s second round of ‘Digital Trading Cards’ sold out quickly.

The last Instagram post made by Trump was in January 2021. But he published four postings regarding the second set of NFTs during the previous 24 hours. He stated that the “great success” of the earlier digital trading NFTs is the reason for the second series

The Trump Cards website specifies, “Each Series 2 Trump Digital Trading Card has a unique pre-assigned rarity. Some will be one-of-ones (the only one in the world), while others will be limited.”

The website says no Trump Digital Trading Card will contain more than ten copies.

Trump is shown holding the Liberty or State House Bell on the poster for the second series. He sports a superhero costume in this round as well. A supper with the 45th president is being offered to every customer with 47 cards.

According to a sales update from Trump, his “Digital Trading Cards SOLD OUT, in RECORD TIME, approximately $4.6 Million.”

His initial batch sale brought in much more than $4 million. Meanwhile, Donald Trump made between $100,000 and $1 million through NFTs, according to a filing dated April 14 that BeInCrypto previously cited.

Prices of Gen 1 Trump NFTs Fall

Even if the former president’s NFT venture was profitable, critics have also come hard. In a conversation with the Wall Street Journal, GOP strategist Mike DuHaime described the former president’s new endeavor as embarrassing.

Meanwhile, just like his first collection, each of the Trump Digital Trading Cards NFTs was priced at $99. In the Instagram post, Trump said,

“I could have raised the price MUCH HIGHER, & I believe it still would have sold well, with a lot more money coming to me, but I didn’t choose to do so. I WILL BE GIVEN NO ‘NICE GUY’ CREDIT?”

But, the introduction of Series 2 has reduced the value of the first collection. According to NFT Price Floor, the price floor for Trump Digital Trading Cards has decreased by 60.37% in the past 24 hours.

The price floor of Trump Digital Trading Cards currently stands at 0.17 ETH. In the past day, the trading volume touched 176.62 ETH with 1,180 sales.

Before his criminal prosecution and arrest last month, Trump’s NFT trading cards had increased dramatically before the trend reversal.

The first series was released on the Polygon chain in December last year.


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