How to leverage NFTS as an artist to monetize your work


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that use blockchain technology to verify their ownership and scarcity.

The world of art is experiencing a digital revolution with NFTs offering artists new ways to monetize their work. As a result, this has created opportunities for artists to sell their digital art as one-of-a-kind collectibles and gain greater control over the distribution and ownership of their work.

Here are 4 ways how NFTs can be monetized:

1.) Selling Digital Art as NFTs

Selling unique NFTs as digital art is the most obvious and common ways for artists to monetize.NFTs can be created for anything – from digital paintings to animated GIFs, music, or even virtual reality experiences. Once an NFT is minted, it is attached to a blockchain and becomes a verifiable record of ownership that can be sold and traded on various marketplaces.

2.) Fractional Ownership

Another way artists can use NFTs to monetize their art is by selling fractional ownership in a piece of art. This allows multiple buyers to own a portion of a work of art, which can be beneficial for both artists and buyers.

Artists can receive more revenue by selling multiple NFTs for the same artwork while buyers can invest in a piece of art they may not have been able to afford otherwise.

3.) Royalties

NFTs can also enable artists to earn ongoing royalties when their work is resold. This is made possible by smart contracts, which are programmed to automatically distribute a percentage of the sale price to the artist each time the NFT is sold on a secondary market.

This means that artists can earn a percentage of the profits even after they have sold the original NFT.

4.) Fan Rewards

Artists can also use NFTs to reward their fans and supporters. For example, an artist could create a limited edition NFT that is only available to fans who have supported their work in some way, such as buying a ticket to a concert or purchasing a physical piece of art.

Source: BitKE


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