Hashgraph Partners for Web3 Education in Africa

Hashgraph Partners for Web3 Education in Africa

The Hashgraph Association, a Swiss-based organisation, has partnered with Adanian Labs, a pan-African smart technology company, and the Africa Blockchain Centre (ABC) to launch the DLT Africa Regional Developer Programme.

This collaborative effort aims to equip over 3,000 Web3 developers across Africa with the skills and knowledge to build the future of decentralised technologies.

Equipping the Next Generation of Blockchain Experts

The DLT Africa Regional Developer Programme is designed to be a comprehensive learning experience. Participants, comprised of tech-savvy students from Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, and South Africa, will gain valuable insights into the latest Web3 trends and best practices.

The curriculum will have a particular focus on blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology (DLT), with a deep dive into the Hedera network, a public ledger powered by Hashgraph.


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A Link of Expertise

This powerful partnership brings together the unique strengths of each organisation. The Hashgraph Association will provide access to cutting-edge industry knowledge and global trends in Web3 development.

Adanian Labs, with its expertise in smart technologies and programme development, will contribute its experience in crafting engaging learning experiences.

Finally, the Africa Blockchain Centre (ABC) will offer invaluable regional context, facilitate outreach to students, and highlight how blockchain technology can address specific challenges faced across Africa.

More Than Just Education: A Launchpad for Innovation

The programme goes beyond theoretical knowledge. The initiative will end in a thrilling hackathon across the five participating countries.

This exciting competition will provide students with a platform to showcase their newly acquired skills and compete for prizes that can fuel their blockchain projects. Additionally, winning teams will have the unique opportunity to participate in an exclusive Entrepreneur Exchange Programme with Switzerland.

This programme is praised by key figures involved. Kamal Youssefi, President of the Hashgraph Association, emphasises the initiative’s role in empowering African youth and shaping a future driven by digital innovation.

Bendon Murgor, CTO of Adanian Labs, highlights the programme’s potential to cultivate a generation of tech talent that will drive innovation across Africa. Jeff M., CEO of the Africa Blockchain Centre, expresses his enthusiasm for building a workforce equipped to navigate the exciting world of Web3.

How to Get Involved

Applications for the DLT Africa Regional Developer Programme are now open to qualified students in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Aspiring participants can find detailed information and application instructions on the Adanian Labs website or their social media platforms.

About Hashgraph Technology

Hashgraph is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) considered an alternative to blockchains. Unlike blockchains that bundle data into blocks and rely on miners for validation, Hashgraph uses a gossip about gossip protocol.

Nodes on the network spread information about transactions, creating a directed acyclic graph (DAG) that sequences transactions. This approach is said to be faster and more efficient than traditional blockchains.


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Hashgraph runs on Hedera, a public ledger offering smart contract functionality and consensus services for building decentralised applications.

The African continent is alive with technological innovation, and this landmark partnership aims to further empower its developers. By utilising Hashgraph’s innovative technology, developers in Africa can now access a faster and more efficient platform for building decentralised applications.

The partnership with Hedera will provide the necessary tools and services for these developers to create innovative solutions that have the potential to transform various industries in the region.

With this collaboration, the African continent is positioned to become a hub for technological advancement and innovation in the blockchain space.

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