Reddit launched the Gen3 NFT collection, significantly increasing the number of creative partners and shifting its emphasis to the subject of future realities. In June 2022, previous collections of the platform’s alien mascot Snoo were made available on the Ethereum scalability network Polygon. Reddit launched Super Bowl and Halloween-themed avatars during the ensuing months, creating substantial interest and drawing over 7.3 million unique wallets.

With a significantly wider variety of artistic output-from 32 artists over the previous two collections to over 100 artists in the Gen 3 drop alone-the most recent NFT collection seeks to build on that foundation in an apparent effort to appeal to a larger audience of collectors. All artists were allowed complete freedom to create artwork for the digital collectibles as long as the well-known Snoo character could make an appearance somehow. They are all very different from one another as a result.

Throughout the past year, Reddit’s entry into the NFT market has received high accolades for its artist-focused strategy and success in attracting new Web3 users. Given the millions of avatars made available for free to Reddit users, it could be a significant entry point for mainstream audiences who may have yet to deal with NFTs.

Numerous Reddit users support the idea, with many holding NFTs for the first time. This demonstrates how the platform can change and grow with the changing landscape of digital art and Web3.