OVEX, the number one prime brokerage and digital asset exchange on the African continent, is now available in Kenya.

OVEX is an African cryptocurrency exchange that bridges the gap between the world of traditional finance and crypto. The exchange pioneered institutional access to crypto in South Africa and is now available in over 16 African nations.

Operating as an institutional-grade exchange means adhering to the highest standards of compliance. OVEX is the most licensed exchange on the continent, even achieving accreditation in fields outside the realm of cryptocurrency. This puts OVEX in a unique position capable of providing an A-Z service to its clients that span the world of crypto and traditional finance.

OVEX renowned in AfricaOVEX is renowned for quenching the demand for institutional access to crypto in Africa. This is because the market maker is uniquely positioned to offer high-volume investors the best pricing on volume.

Over and above the best pricing on volume, OVEX offers its clients access to a bespoke OTC desk supported by a dedicated trading team available 24/7 to help these clients meet their investing goals and objectives. A white-glove service sharing resemblance to the same attentiveness found in private banking was previously amiss in crypto before OVEX came along.

OVEX has a deep liquidity engine which enables the exchange to buy and sell crypto assets quickly and at stable prices. This gives whale investors a peace of mind when trading on the exchange knowing their orders no matter the size, are settled instantaneously with zero slippage and off of open order books.

OVEX also offers an instant buy/sell trading tool that enables retail crypto investors to bypass complicated order books. At the simple click of a button, OVEX empowers the everyday crypto trader to access the most competitive rates on over 60 different cryptocurrency pairs. Being able to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency at these prices means even crypto newbies can trade like the pros.

Beyond cryptocurrency trading, OVEX is dedicated towards bringing its crypto toolkit to Africa to solve real-world problems plaguing the continent’s banking sector. These include key areas such as cross-border payments and trade finance.

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Article credit; Business daily